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Master's degree project

Visual Search Engine

Application deadline: (a soon as possible)

Host organization : CNRS LaBRI UMR 5800, Models & Algorithms for Bio-informatics and Visualization team

Want to know more?

Academic advisor : Guy Melançon, Guy.Melancon@labri.fr
Université de Bordeaux / CNRS UMR 5800 LaBRI
Adresse : CNRS LaBRI UMR 5800
Campus Université Bordeaux I
351 Cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex

How to apply

Send your resume, intention letter and graduate studies record. Please clearly indicate why and how your profile is a good fit for the project. A description and pointers at past projects and realizations related to the topic is a plus.

Project abstract

Search engines usually provide a textual and ranked list of pages corresponding to a user query most usually expressed as a series of keywords. This search scenario suffers from various difficulties and efforts have been devoted to the design of interfaces supporting intelligent search, expanding queries and/or classifying query results.

Because queries are answered by providing a series of web pages, the answer offered to the user may be thought of as a set of documents each being indexed by words that relate to the initial query.

Renoust, Melançon and Viaud had proposed a methodology to analyze document corpus based on how keywords interact through documents, looking at things from the perspective of multiplex networks.

The goal of this Master's degree project is to design a layer on top of search engines organizing the result of a query according to the analysis of this underlying multiplex network. Other avenues are worth exploring, trying to use this multiplex network to feed query expansion or specialization, for instance.

Expected profile

  • Training : (ongoing) Engineering School or Master's degree in a related field
    • Computer Information Visualization, Human Interaction, Visual Analytics, Network Analysis, Data mining
    • Significant programming experience (Java, C/C++, python, javascript ; Agile Methods)
  • 6 months project, internship wages

Expected work

The project is an opportunity to extend Renoust et al.'s approach to multiplex networks in relation with searching the web. A presentation layer should be made compatible with existing text-based interfaces; other more elaborate interfaces may also be explored. Benchmark tests should show the relevancy of the approach in terms of precision and recall (for query expansion, for instance), or ultimately in terms of user satisfaction.

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