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This page is dedicated to the class of "Type Systems and Programs", given in the "Vérification Logicielle" course of the Master Informatique of the Bordeaux University and in the 2nd year course of Computer Science called IT234 at the ENSEIRB-Matmeca.
The slides of the course are available here (02/05/2019).


 Past exams

  • Year 2017-18 :
  • Year 2018-19 :

 Useful links



  • The development page of the Haskell language.
  • Hoogle, a web interface to browse the Haskell language and libraries.
  • A (somewhat limited) online Haskell evaluator.


  • The development page of the Scala language.
  • The documentation of the current version of the Scala language.
  • An online Scala evaluator.