Project pages

CERES: A new CEREbellum lobule Segmentation method

GR: Global Regularity metric for superpixel evaluation

OPAL: Optimized PatchMatch for Accurate Label fusion

SCALP: Superpixels with Contour Adherence using Linear Path

SCT: Superpixel-based Color Transfer

SPM: SuperPatchMatch algorithm for superpixel matching

Other downloads

Superpixel toolbox

Download here

Contains basic Matlab tools and functions to handle superpixels:      
  • Simple functions to get superpixel borders, adjacency matrix, label map, centers, etc.
  • Region filling function to get a label map from contours
  • Color homogeneity evaluation metrics (explained variation, intra-cluster variation)

Simple PatchMatch 2D implementation

Download here

Contains basic C-Mex implementation of a 2D PatchMatch with a MATLAB wrapper :      
  • Simple implementation of 2D patch matching between two images A and B
  • Function to rebuilt an image A from the selected patches in B