Link to the Syllabus

TM - Multimedia Technologies and Video Games 3rd year:

Image Processing & Analysis [IT317].
Non-local patch-based methods.[Link]  

Telecommunications 1st year:

Practicals of Imperative Programming C [PG109].
Practical n°1-2: Discovery of C[Link]  
Practical n°3: Pointers and Memory[Link]  
Practical n°4: Dynamic Allocation[Link]  
Practical n°5: Chained List[Link]  

Practicals of Computer Architecture [IF103].
Practical n°1: Coding of integers[Link]  
Practical n°2: From C to assembler code[Link]  
Practical n°3: Cache memory[Link]  

Web Programming Project. Languages PHP, MySQL [IT103].
Conception of a multi-users website.[Link]  

[Past] Practicals of Operating Systems. Languages Bash [IF110].
Practical n°1: Arborescence, rights[Link]  
Practical n°2: Command execution, substitutions, environment[Link]  
Practical n°3: Processus[Link]  
Practical n°4: Tools[Link]  
Practical n°5: Commands and scripting[Link]  
Complementary tools[Link]  

[Past] In charge of the Telecom Minutes platform.
Short videos on a Telecommunications field.[Link]  

Computer Science 1st year:

Courses and Practicals of Numerical Algorithmic [IS104].
Project n°1: Numerical computation method[Link]  
Project n°2: Linear systems - Application to heat equation[Link]  
Project n°3: Image compression with SVD factorization[Link]