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Vinh-Thong Ta
Associate Professor in Computer Science

Vinh Thong Ta, Semi-supervised Segmentation with Berkeley Image Segmentation Dataset Benchmark Vinh Thong Ta, Morphological Opening on USPS Zip Code Digit Handwritten Dataset Vinh Thong Ta, Superpixel with Histological Image


I am currently working in the Image and Sound Team of the LaBRI-CNRS researh laboratory, in Bordeaux (France). I also teach computer science at the School of Engineers of Bordeaux (Bordeaux INP/ENSEIRB-MATMECA).

Research Interests

 K Nearest Neighbrs Graph My research interests mainly concern discrete variational methods for the processing of functions defined on weighted graphs.
From these methods, I am investigating different application fields for the treatment of images, manifolds and unorganized data, such as