Distributed Runtime Verification 2016

May 16-20
University Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy

Runtime verification (RV) is concerned with monitoring software and hardware system executions. RV techniques are complementary, and sometimes more versatile than conventional testing, and more practical than exhaustive formal verification, such as model checking and theorem proving, as well as incomplete solutions such as testing and debugging.

Distributed runtime verification (DRV) is however less developed than RV. Designing a decentralized runtime monitoring mechanism for a distributed system is an especially difficult task, as it involves designing distributed algorithms to coordinate the estimation by different monitors of the temporal behavior of the system. In fact, DRV is about designing a fault-tolerant distributed algorithm that monitors another distributed algorithm, with the end goal of developing lightweight software systems that are more efficient that traditional verification techniques.

The workshop DRV 2016 will discuss current trends, and explore future directions for distributed fault-tolerant runtime verification. It will gather researchers who have studied runtime monitoring problems from different perspectives, including formal methods and distributed computing. The workshop will include introductory talks about the different types of techniques that have been used in DRV, which range from formal methods techniques related to LTL and multi-valued logics, on the one hand, to fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, on the other hand. RV and DRV are exemplary areas for interdisciplinary research opportunities, given that logic and algorithmic techniques converge. The workshop is expected to gather a mix of researchers from formal verification, distributed computing, logics, and distributed systems.