Welcome to surface_dynamic’s documentation!


The basic way to install the surface_dynamic package is via the pip Python installer that comes with your SageMath installation.

If you installed Sage from a downloaded binary (included the Cygwin version on Windows) or compiled Sage from sources then run:

$ sage -pip install surface_dynamics

You might want (or need) to provide the option --user to this command in order to install surface dynamics in your home directory and keep intact your SageMath installation.

In case you use the sagemath package in a Debian or Ubuntu system you need to perform a two step installation:

$ source /usr/share/sagemath/bin/sage-env
$ sage -pip install surface_dynamics --user

If you use the sagemath package from Archlinux run:

$ pip2 install git+https://gitlab.com/videlec/surface_dynamics --user

Other sources of information:


To cite the library, follow the following Bibtex entry:

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