Manifestations scientifiques

MediaEval'2019 Task organiser - Sports Video Annotation: Detection of Strokes in Table Tennis
CBMI'2019 Chair of SS on Multimedia for Health
IPTA'2019 Programme Committee Chair
French-Swiss-Hungarian workshop 2019: "Research in Hybrid Control of Neuro-Prosthetics" with the support of French Institute of Budapest - Co-organiser
CBMI'2018 Content-Based Multimedia INdexing, IEEE and ACM Supported, special sessions co-chair
IVMSP'2018 IEEE Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IVMSP) Workshop, publicity co-chair
ICMR'2017 ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, Workshops Program co-chair
ICIVC'2016, International Conference in Image, Vision and Computing.
CBMI'2016, Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, Special session on Healthcare.
IEEE ICIP'2015, IEEE Intenrnational Conference on Image Processing, Special session on Image/video Indexing and Retrieval in Healthcare.
ACM MM 2014, ACM Multimedia '2014, Area Multimedia and Society",Orlando, FL. co-chair.
MIRRH'2013, 1st ACM MM Workshop on Multimedia Indexing and information Retrieval for Healthcare: held in conjuction with ACM MM 2013, Barcelone, Spain, Comité d'organisation, co-chair.
CBMI’2013, Veszprém, Hongrie, Comité d'organisation.
CBMI’2012, Annecy, France, Comité d'organisation.
Workshop on Information fusion in computer vision for concept recognition, ECCV 2012
Journée GDR-ISIS Thème B -Image et Vision, Axe 3, Paris, 2011.
ACM Multimedia 2010, Florence, Italie, Comité d'organisation.
CBMI’2008, Londres, Angleterre, Comité d'organisation.
Journée GDR-ISIS - Indexation vidéo par le mouvement et avec le mouvement, ENST Paris, France, 2007.
CBMI’2007, Bordeaux, France, Organisation.
Journée d'échanges scientifiques - industriels "Analyse et Indexation Multimédia", LaBRI, France, 2002.

ACM MM 2019 « Brave Ideas Track » and SUMAC WorkShop
MMM 2019
ACMMM 2018
CBMI 2018
EUVIP 2018
ICIP 2018
ICME 2018
ICMR 2018
MMM 2018
ACMMM 2017
CBMI 2017
ICIP 2017
ICME 2017
ICMR 2017
ChaLearn @ ECCV'2016ChaLearn Looking @ People challenge @ ECCV 2016, oct 8-16, Amsterdam, Hollande
LTA 2016 at ACM MM 2016,Lifelogging tools and applications, oct 15-19 2016, Amsterdam, Hollande
ACIVS'2016,Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, oct 24-27 2016, Lecce, Italie
CBMI'2016,Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, jun 15-17, Bucharest, Rumanie
RFIA'16,Reconnaissance des Formes et l'Intelligence Artificielle, 27 juin - 1 Juillet 2016, Clermont Ferrand
RFIA'14,Reconnaissance des Formes et l'Intelligence Artificielle, 30 juin - 4 Juillet 2014, Rouen
MMM 2014, 6 au 10 Janvier 2014, Dublin, Ireland
MMEDIA'14 - The Sixth International Conferences on Advances in Multimedia, 23-27 February, 2014 - Nice, France.
MMM 2013, 7 au 9 Janvier 2013, Huangshan, China
VIGTA'13 - International Workshop on Video and Image Ground Truth in computer vision Applications, 15 July, St. Petersburg, Russia
2nd ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Analysis for Ecological Data, 22 October, Barcelona, Spain In Conjuction with ACM Multimedia 2013
1st ACM MM Workshop on Multimedia Indexing and information Retrieval for Healthcare: held in conjuction with ACM MM 2013
Innovation in Medicine'2013
CBMI’2013, Veszprém, Hongrie
GRETSI 2013, 3 au 6 Septembre 2013, Brest, France
Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems XI, 4 - 6 Février 2013 , San Francisco, California United States
Image Processing: Algorithms and Systems X, 23 - 25 Janvier 2013 , San Francisco, California United States