Welcome to the EPSN Project

The purpose of the EPSN project is to design and provide a software environment for both code coupling and M-by-N computational steering of HPC legacy parallel/distributed simulations [big poster].

Our project is divided in two main parts:

EPSN: A Computational Steering Environment for Numerical Simulations

The purpose of EPSN library is to provide a software environment for the steering of parallel and distributed numerical simulations. This software environment should combine the facilities of virtual reality with the capabilities of existing high performance simulations. The simple instrumentation of a legacy simulation code enables the end-user to on-line visualize the intermediate results and to interact with the simulation considering this visual feedback.

RedGRID: A Parallel Data Redistribution Framework

RedGRID is a software environment dedicated to the coupling of parallel codes, and more precisely to the redistribution of complex parallel data objects such as structured grids, particles and unstructured meshes.


The EPSN project is currently supported by the ANR program (grant number ANR-05-MMSA-0008-03), called MASSIM, and has been supported in the past by the ACI-GRID program from the french Ministry of Research (grant number PPL02-03).

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