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Visibly Pushdown Transducers: Functionality, k-Valuedness and Streamability
du groupe Modélisation et Verification

Date 2011-11-17  11:30-12:30
TitreVisibly Pushdown Transducers: Functionality, k-Valuedness and Streamability 
RésuméVisibly pushdown transducers (VPTs) form a strict subclass of pushdown transducers (PTs) that extends finite state transducers with a stack. Like visibly pushdown automata, the input symbols determine the stack operations. It has been shown that visibly pushdown languages form a robust subclass of context-free languages. Along the same line, we show that word transductions defined by VPTs enjoy strong properties, in contrast to PTs. In particular, functionality is decidable in PTIME, k-valuedness is in NPTIME and equivalence of (non-deterministic) functional VPTs is EXPTIME-C. In a second part, we study the problem of evaluating in streaming (i.e. in a single left-to-right pass) the transduction realized by a functional VPT. A transduction is said to be height bounded memory (HBM) if it can be evaluated with a memory that depends only on the height of the input word (and not on its length). We show that it is decidable in coNTPTime whether such a transduction is HBM. In this case, the required amount of memory may depend exponentially on the height of the input word. We exhibit a sufficient, decidable condition for a VPT to be evaluated with a memory that depends quadratically on the height of the input word. This condition defines a class of transductions that strictly contains all determinizable VPTs. This talk is based on the two following papers : Properties of Visibly Pushdown Transducers. Emmanuel Filiot, Jean-François Raskin, Pierre-Alain Reynier Reynier, Frédéric Servais and Jean-Marc Talbot. In Proc. MFCS’10. Streamability of Nested Word Transductions. Emmanuel Filiot, Olivier Gauwin, Pierre-Alain Reynier and Frédéric Servais. In Proc. FSTTCS’11. 
OrateurPierre-Alain Reynier 
UrlLIF (Marseille) 

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