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Stochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors
du groupe GT Génie Logiciel

Date 2011-11-23  10:00-12:00
TitreStochastic Models for Quality of Service of Component Connectors 
RésuméThe intensifying need for scalable software has motivated modular development and using systems distributed over networks to implement large-scale applications. In Service-oriented Computing, distributed services are composed to provide large-scale services with a specific functionality. In this way, reusability of existing services can be increased. However, due to the heterogeneity of distributed software systems, software composition is not easy and requires additional mechanisms to impose some form of a coordination on a distributed software system. Besides functional correctness, a composed service must satisfy various quantitative requirements for its clients, which are generically called its quality of service (QoS). Particularly, it is tricky to obtain the overall QoS of a composed service even if the QoS information of its constituent distributed services is given. For this, Stochastic Reo is proposed to specify software composition with QoS aspects and its compositional semantic models. These semantic models are also used as intermediate models to generate their corresponding stochastic models for practical analysis. Based on this, we have implemented the tool Reo2MC. Using Reo2MC, we have modeled and analyzed an industrial software, the ASK system. Its analysis results provided the best cost-effective resource utilization and some suggestions to improve the performance of the system. 
Lieusalle 178 
OrateurYoung-Joo Moon 

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