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[Sémi-doc] Beyond Bringing Life to Computer-Generated Character

Date 2012-01-26  14:00-15:00
Nom[Sémi-doc] Beyond Bringing Life to Computer-Generated Character 
DescriptionOver thirty years have been required in the field of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision to be mature enough, from the first use of computer-generated three dimensional graphical model to the first accomplished photorealistic 3D movie. There is no doubt that Computer-based Imagery Technologies have significantly influenced our everyday life and the industry, as well. Nowadays highly-detailed animations of live-actor performances are increasingly easier to acquire using an existing capturing device like optical motion capture, multiple views camera platforms, 3D laser scanner or new low-cost sensors. At first glance, a serious challenge is to achieve plausible skeletally or boneless deformations while preserving global and local captured properties of the body surface or the pose with a limited number of controllable, flexible and reusable parameters. Secondly, the problem of reusing captured data is a new outstanding problem for researchers. In this talk, I will present a wide variety of advanced animation techniques and promising opportunities to deal with. 
LieuAmphi du Labri 
ContactSavoye Yann 

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