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Reproducibility challenges of data-driven biology
du groupe BioInformatique et Visualisation

Date 2012-07-05  11:00-12:00
TitreReproducibility challenges of data-driven biology 
RésuméContinuing evolution of DNA sequencing has transformed modern biology. Areas of life science research that were previously distant from each other in ideology, analysis practices, and toolkits such as microbial ecology and personalized medicine or conservation biology and cell and molecular biology have all embraced techniques that rely on next generation sequencing (NGS) instruments. These rapid and dramatic developments have enabled researchers to design and implement studies that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Yet the capacity to generate the data greatly outpaces our ability to analyze it. Existing sequencing technologies are much more mature and accessible than the methodologies for individual researchers to move, store, analyze, and present data in a fashion that is transparent and reproducible. Although this phenomenon is only natural -sequencing technologies advanced so rapidly that the analytical approaches simply have not had time to catch up - life sciences have reached a pivotal point where scalable and widely available analysis solutions are needed to truly achieve progress and move the field forward. Here we discuss currently pressing issues, discuss promising solutions, and venture into potential future developments.  
LieuSalle de Conférences du Centre de Génomique Fonctionnelle Bordeaux (CGFB) , Université Bordeaux Segalen  
OrateurAnton Nekrutenko 
UrlUniversity Park, Pennsylvania,USA 

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