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Geographical Treemaps: Cartographic Metaphors for Laying out Hierarchical Data
du groupe GT Génie Logiciel

Date 2012-09-19  10:00-11:00
TitreGeographical Treemaps: Cartographic Metaphors for Laying out Hierarchical Data 
RésuméThe emergence of huge taxonomies due to the increase in available data raises numerous problems of visualization and navigation through the corresponding hierarchies. On datasets of such scale, classical graph drawing methods do not take advantage of some human cognitive skills such as shape recognition, which easily remember the global structure of the data. In this paper, we propose a method based on a geographic map metaphor. By employing human perception mechanisms developed by handling geographic maps, this technique facilitates the visualization and navigation through a hierarchy. The algorithm has been designed to preserve regions containment according to the arborescent hierarchy and to set the leaves’ sizes proportionally to a property, in such way the size of non-leaf regions correspond to the sum of the sizes of their children. Moreover, the input ordering of the hierarchy’s nodes is preserved, i.e. the areas representing two consecutive children of a node in the hierarchy are adjacent. This property is particularly useful as it guarantees some stability to our algorithm. We illustrate our technique by providing example visualizations of the repartition of the tax money in the U.S. over time. Furthermore, we validated the use of the geographical metaphor in a professional documentation context. We show the stability and the ease of memorisation of this type of map. 
Lieusalle 73 
OrateurDavid Auber 

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