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Cost-optimal factored planning using weighted automata calculus
du groupe Modélisation et Verification

Date 2013-03-28  11:30-12:30
TitreCost-optimal factored planning using weighted automata calculus 
RésuméFactored planning is a relatively new domain in planning. It consists in exploiting the possible decompositions of many planning problems into exponentially smaller subproblems in order to efficiently solve them by parts. Even if, in the worst case, the complexity of factored planning is the same as the complexity of classical planning, in many cases of interest it is much more efficient. However, before this work, no factored planning method existed to compute cost-optimal solutions to planning problems. In this talk we will present an approach to factored planning allowing to find cost-optimal solutions thanks to the use of weighted automata calculus. The principle of this approach is to represent the set of solutions of each subproblem as a weighted automaton and apply a standard message passing algorithm to the network constituted by all these automata. This allows to compute new automata representing exactly those solutions of subproblems which are part of solutions of the global planning problem, and from that to give a globally optimal solution of this planning problem in a modular way. 
OrateurLoïg Jezequel 
UrlENS Cachan Bretagne 

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