Serge Chaumette
Full Professor

Professor at the Computer Science Department at Université Bordeaux 1
Researcher at the LaBRI, Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique

e-mail: serge.chaumette at
phone: +33 (0)5 40 00 69 04
fax: +33 (0)5 40 00 66 69
office: #109

LaBRI, Université Bordeaux 1,
351 Cours de la Libération,
F-33405 Talence Cedex

Erdos Number=3 (S.Chaumette/M.Cosnard/G.Silberman/P.Erdos)
Working on a new book on UAVs
Involved in the proposal of 3 new ANR projects
We just launched the 201-2015 edition of the ConceptDrone challenge

Duties [ top ]

- Head of the Muse research group
- Member of the Scientific Council of LaBRI
- In charge of UAVs activites at LaBRI
- Member of the Steering Committee of the Aetos Cluster
- Co-head of the Teleoperated Systems group of the GIS Albatros
- Head of the Networks, Systems and Mobility speciality of the Computer Science Master

Affiliations [ top ]

- Member of the IEEE
- Member of the IEEE group on Portable Information Devices (PID)
- Member of the Situation Management Subcommittee of the Tactical Communications & Operations Technical Committee of the IEEE Communication Society
- Member of the IFIP WG 8.8 Smart Cards
- Member of Specif
- Registered UE expert for FP7 and non FP programs
- Registered ANR expert
- AERES expert
- expert scientifique et technique auprès de la DRRT pour avis de la direction des services fiscaux pour le direction generale des finance publiques dans le cadre de l'obtention du statut Jeune Entreprise Innovante (JEI)

Publications [ top ]

see here

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Research interests [ top ]

Our goal is to contribute to the definition and implementation of supportive environments, tools and mechanisms formaly validated that make it possible to use the resources (static or mobile) that are connected to the network (wired or wireless) and to develop applications on these resources within the framework of a distributed objects oriented approach.

Keywords: distributed systems, distributed objects, mobile ad hoc networks, security, Java Card, graph relabeling systems, Java

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