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9 février 2015 - Thesis Subjects 2015
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2015: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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19 March 2015 - The GaME project accepted by the Aquitaine Science Transfer investment committee

The GaME project (Game for Music Education) intends to develop a video game for learning music (and instrumental techniques), in which the player's motivation will be maintained thanks to the use of various game mechanisms (gameplay). The GaME project is situated at the intersection of research in social science applied to the understanding of video games and the experience of players (game studies), and computing research dedicated to audio understanding and automatic analysis of musical performance. The GaME video-game will be based on the building blocks of the Guitar Tutor software developed at the LaBRI in 2011 (see screen capture), and should arrive, by the end of 2015, at a finished product ready to be presented to music schools and regional video-game enterprises.

The research team consists of Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Pierre Hanna and Matthias Robine for the "audio recognition and musical performance analysis" part, and Raphaël Marczak for the "game studies" part and the software development. The project is supervised by Elodie Duru at Aquitaine Science Transfer.

9 March 2015 - EuroSys 2015 Conference

The LaBRI is organising the 10th EuroSys conference which will take place from 21 to 24 April at Enseirb-Matmeca. The EuroSys conference is a forum for discussion of important innovations and recent progress in the design and construction of operating systems. The scope of this conference includes operating systems, database systems, real time systems and middleware for networked, distributed, parallel or embedded systems.
The complete programme and registration details are available on the conference web site here.

Contact: Laurent Réveillère (general chair) :

6 March 2015 - AVAP Conference (Audio-Visual Affective Prosody)

An international conference on audio-visual affective prosody in social interactions and for foreign language learning (AVAP 2015), Bordeaux, 5 and 6 March 2015.

This conference aims to study the realisation of expressions of social affects (notably emotions, mood, sentiments and intentions or attitudes) in audio and visual signals. The manner of expressing social affects according to language or culture is the subject of research in various scientific domains: affective computing, cultural psychology, cognitive psychology, linguistics, phonetics, word processing, image processing and artificial intelligencee. This colloquium is an opportunity to bring together specialists in these themes.
Conference web page here :

5 February 2015 - Two prizes awarded on the occasion of the EGC 2015 Meeting

At the EGC 2015 Meeting in Luxembourg, (an international french language conference on knowledge extraction and management), the year's best scientific contributions were rewarded.

This year Benjamin Renoust received the EGC association thesis prize for his thesis "Analysis and Visualization of Edge Entanglement in Multiplex Networks", defended at the LaBRI in 2014.

In addition, Jason Vallet (a MaBioVis doctoral student), Bruno Pinaud and Guy Mélançon were rewarded with the prize for the best academic article, for their article: "Une approche de visualisation analytique pour comparer les modèles de propagation dans les réseaux sociaux", published in the journal Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information.

2 February 2015 - Scientific, technical and industrial culture: Claire Pennarun wins a prize

This Thursday 29 January saw the launch of the Aquitaine Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture Network (CSTI), coinciding with the year of light. On this occasion, Alain Rousset, president of the Aquitaine Regional Council, rewarded Claire Pennarun. This LaBRI doctoral student received the "young researcher working at the CSTI" prize in recognition of her actions of diffusion notably at Cap Science, with Math.en.Jeans, with maths à modeler...

29 January 2015 - Bordeaux Combinatorics Days (JCB)

The 7th JCB will take place from 4 to 6 February, at the LaBRI.
In the programme, there are around fifteen talks covering different aspects of combinatorics. You can consult the programme and the abstracts of the talks here.

29 January 2015 - GDR IM (Informatics and Mathematics) Meeting

This national meeting will take place on 2 and 3 February at the LaBRI. It is an opportunity for many exchanges between researchers who are developing mathematical tools for informatics. There will be two foreign speakers external to the GDR (K. Panagiotou, Munich and J. Ouaknine, Oxford), 9 talks by members of the GDR, representing its différents poles, and 9 shorter talks by young doctors.

The programme can be consulted here.

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