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Most of my research activities concern the algorithmic side of game theory and its applications in computer science. At the moment, I am particularly interested in stochastic games with partial observation[13,14].

I have proved several results about the existence of pure and stationary optimal strategies in zero-sum stochastic games with perfect information [2,3,6,7].
I have also worked on the approximability of parity games by multi-discounted games and existence of Blackwell optimal strategies in these games [4,5,7,8,9,11]. Beside their theoretical interests, these results have applications in controller synthesis for discrete event systems and verification of programs.

A few years ago, I used to be interested in games played on transition graphs of pushdown automata, and I designed algorithms for solving parity and exploration games on this kind of graphs [1]. These results provide new tools for the Model-Checking of programs with recursive calls.

Other Activities



PhD thesis

I used to be a PhD student under the supervision of Wiesław Zielonka.
If you can read french and if you are interested in game theory, then have a look at my PhD thesis:




My CV is available here.

About quantitative evaluation of research

Two convincing critics of evaluation of publications and researchers using impact factors, h-numbers and so on...
A technical one, in french, written by INRIA computer scientists.
Another one, "The Mismeasurement of Science" less technical and more acid, written by a Cambridge biologist.
The mitigated opinion of the french academy of science.


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