Affiliation: Inria (researcher)
Project-team: manao
Email: pascal dot barla at inria dot fr
Address: 200, av. de la Vieille Tour
33405 Talence, France


Toward a perceptually-relevant theory of appearance

Two approaches are commonly employed in Computer Graphics for the design of object appearance. A full 3D environment may be created then rendered using a simulation of light transport; or 2D digital drawing tools may be provided to an artist, whom with enough talent and time will be able to create images of objects having the desired appearance.

I am interested in a third approach, whereby pictorial elements of appearance are explicitly manipulated by an artist. On the one side, such an alternative approach offers a direct control over appearance, with novel applications in vector drawing, scientific illustration, special effects and video games. On the other side, it provides a modern method for putting our current knowledge of the perception of appearance to the test, as well as to suggest new models for human vision along the way.


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