The Genealogy Toolkit extracts the scientific genealogy of a given mathematician

This is tool that builds the graph of mathematician genealogy based on the PhD student/advisor relationship.

For example, my genealogy is here.
Download the toolkit here.
Version 0.3 August 2020

The genealogy toolkit recursively builts the DAG of advisors of mathematicians using the website

It is distributed under the CeCILL Licence.

It requires:
- perl with LWP to browse and parse the website
- dot to generate the output file (

How to proceed:
1) Go to website

2) Enter the name of a mathematician (example: Hilbert)

3) In the URL you have the ID of the corresponding mathematician
Example, for Hibert the URL is
meaning that Hibert's ID is 7298

4) Generate the dot file
- browse the website (the runtime can be pretty long as there can be a lot of ancestors)
- Same as above but also construct the tree downwards (with the students).
- build the dot file

You can pipe them: 7298|>
or 7298 > hibert.txt;generate_dot

New: Don Fike has provided me with an enhanced version that gets the student of the given mathematician and build the tree towards its decedent. The script is called and works the same way as

5) Process the dot file and generate the graph output
Example for a pdf output:
dot -Tpdf -Gcharset=latin1 -o hilbert.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact me.