MIAGEScolarite is a software designed to manage the MIAGE school of Bordeaux that I developped when I was in charge of this school (2003-2008) - it is a PHP/Mysql intranet solution. It is deployed at

https://miage.emi.u-bordeaux1.fr/prod/miageBx/espaceDirection/(approve sites) (restricted access)


  • management of the list of students and teachers
  • management of schedules of courses with online publishing: example(approve sites) (current schedule)
  • management of attribution of lectures to teachers: example(approve sites) (current repartition)
  • management of marks
  • assistant to write letter of recommendations

Some screenshots

Main window
Attach:MIAGEScolariteMain.png Δ
Summary of attribution of lectures to teachers
Attach:MIAGEScolariteRepartition.png Δ
Online display of schedules
Attach:MIAGEScolariteSchedule.png Δ