PhD Thesis of Patrick Reuter

Reconstruction and Rendering of Implicit Surfaces from Large Unorganized Point Sets


Recent three-dimensional acquisition technologies provide a huge number of unorganized points in three dimensions. It is desirable to reconstruct a continuous surface representation that is faithful to the unorganized points for further processing, and to render the resulting surfaces in order to get a visual feedback. In this thesis, we present new methods to reconstruct implicit surfaces from large unorganized point sets. The methods are based on locally reconstructed variational surfaces using radial basis functions that are blended together by applying a partition of unity. In order to get an interactive visual feedback of the generated surfaces, we present new rendering techniques that use not only the reconstructed implicit surfaces, but also the initial unorganized point set. This rendering is either done view-dependently in an output-sensitive multiresolution manner using points as rendering primitive, or by using local differential geometry for every point in the point set. Finally, we discuss a wide variety of applications and potential applications of the presented fundamentals, such as interactive construction of procedural solid textures from unorganized point sets, reconstruction of heightfields from contour lines, or repairing of damaged photographs.


implicit surfaces, surface reconstruction, radial basis functions, point-based rendering
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PhD Thesis

[1] Patrick Reuter. Reconstruction and Rendering of Implicit Surfaces from Large Unorganized Point Sets. PhD Thesis, LaBRI - Université Bordeaux 1, 2003. [ pdf ] [ ps.gz ] [ bib ]

Related Publications

[1] Patrick Reuter, Ireneusz Tobor, Christophe Schlick, and Sébastien Dedieu. Point-based modelling and rendering using radial basis functions. In Proceedings of ACM Graphite, pages 111-118, 2003. Held in Melbourne, Australia.
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[3] Patrick Reuter, Benjamin Schmitt, Alexander Pasko, and Christophe Schlick. Interactive Solid Texturing using Point-based Multiresolution Representations. Journal of WSCG 2004, Volume 12, Number 3, pages 363-370.
[2] Florian Levet, Julien Hadim, Patrick Reuter, and Christophe Schlick. Anisotropic sampling for differential point rendering of implicit surfaces. Journal of WSCG 2005.
[4] Ireneusz Tobor, Patrick Reuter, and Christophe Schlick. Reconstruction of Implicit Surfaces with Attributes from Large Unorganized Point Sets. In Proceedings of Shape Modeling International (SMI 2004), pages 19-30.

Related Technical Reports

[1] Patrick Reuter, Benjamin Schmitt, Alexander Pasko, and Christophe Schlick. Interactive surface texturing of arbitrary 3d objects by combining constructive texturing and point-based rendering. Technical Report RR-1284-02, LaBRI, Université Bordeaux I, 2002.
[ bib ]
[2] Ireneusz Tobor, Patrick Reuter, and Christophe Schlick. Efficient reconstruction of large scattered geometric datasets using the partition of unity and radial basis functions. Technical Report RR-1301-03, LaBRI, Université Bordeaux I, 2003.
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