Welcome to Sage days Grenoble 2018

You can find below Jupyter worksheets that will be used through the Sage days sessions in Grenoble. In order to use it on your computer you need to download them (right click on the links and use "Save as").

Introduction to Sage


Some thematic worksheets

A list of Teichm├╝ller problems

In flatsurf.pdf you will find a list of challenging problems about geometry and dynamics of surfaces that involves a mix of programming and research.

A suggestion for problem 1: Random commutators in symmetric groups.ipynb (and pdf format).


A collection of mathematical puzzles to be solved by a combination of mathematics and programming: http://projecteuler.net


Ask your question, report a bug, etc on the page https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/sage-grenoble-summer-school-2018