Liste des événements publics pour les groupes

2020-11-10  TBA 178 MF 
2020-10-20  Solving Random Parity Games in Polynomial Time  MF 
2020-10-06  TBA Virtual MF 
2020-09-29  Title: Counting Problems over Incomplete Databases Online MF 
2020-09-22  Boolean networks: semantics, complexity, and abstraction of quantitative systems Online MF 
2020-09-15  Monte Carlo Tree Search guided by Symbolic Advice for MDPs 178 MF 
2020-09-08  Safe Learning for Near Optimal Scheduling Online MF 
2020-06-30  When Is a Bottom-up Deterministic Tree Transducer Top-down Deterministic? Virtual MF 
2020-06-23  A Congruence-based Perspective on Automata Minimization Algorithms Virtual MF 
2020-06-02  Learning Description Logic Ontologies 178 MF 
2020-05-26  A parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof theory Virtual MF 
2020-05-19  Query evaluation on probabilistic data: a story of dichotomies Virtual MF 
2020-05-05  Order problem for automaton semigroups  TBA MF 
2020-04-21  On polynomial recursive sequences online MF 
2020-04-14  Controlling a random population 178 MF 
2020-03-31  Reachability in fixed dimension vector addition systems with states  MF 
2020-03-24  A parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof theory 178 MF 
2020-03-17  Finite automata presentable groups 178 MF 
2020-03-10  An introduction to Knowledge compilation 178 MF 
2020-02-28  Two Variable Logic with a Between Relation 76 MF 
2020-02-18  An algebraic approach to equivalence of MSO transductions of graphs of bounded treewidth 178 MF 
2020-02-11  The reverse mathematics of Hindman's theorem 178 MF 
2020-02-06  Semantics and applications of PORGY - an interactive modelling framework based on strategic graph rewriting 178 MF 
2020-02-04  Reachability in fixed dimension vector addition systems with states 178 MF 
2020-01-28  A separation result on min-plus and max-plus automata 178 MF 
2020-01-21  Computational content of circular proof systems 178 MF 
2020-01-14  Lempel-Ziv: A "one-bit catastrophe" but not a tragedy 178 MF 
2020-01-07  Mixing sure, almost sure, exist and probable objectives in MDPs 178 MF 
2019-12-17  Using tropical geometry to obtain condition numbers of stochastic mean payoff games 178 MF 
2019-12-10  Algebraic tools for state complexity 178 MF 
2019-12-03  Semantics of Functional Probabilistic Programs 178 MF 
2019-11-26  Parameter Synthesis in Markov Models: An Overview 178 MF 
2019-11-19  Learning probabilistic context-free grammars 178 MF 
2019-11-12  Monadic monadic second order logic 178 MF 
2019-11-07  Integer Programming solutions for international kidney exchange programmes salle 178, LaBRI BioVis 
2019-11-05  An equational modeling of asynchronous concurrent programming 178 MF 
2019-10-22  Computing Nested Fixpoints in Quasipolynomial Time 178 MF 
2019-10-15  Simple Priced Timed Games are not That Simple 178 MF 
2019-10-08  Tradeoff between size and degree in Polynomial Calculus Resolution 178 MF 
2019-10-01  Les algorithmes de Parcoursup 178 MF 
2019-09-24  Arbres infinis réguliers et revêtements universels de graphes finis 178 MF 
2019-09-10  Two variable fragment of Term Modal logic 178 MF 
2019-07-09  Most permissive semantics of Boolean networks 178 MF 
2019-07-02  Block products for algebras over countable words 178 MF 
2019-06-25  Solving Simple Stochastic Games with few RandomNodes faster using Bland’s Rule 178 MF 
2019-06-18  Generic and Complete Algorithms for Straight-Line String Constraints 178 MF 
2019-06-11  The many facets of string transducers 178 MF 
2019-06-04  LambdaY-calculus with priorities 178 MF 
2019-05-28  Parity, Buchi, Weak 178 MF 
2019-05-21  Kleene Algebras 178 MF 
2019-05-14  On the power of symmetric linear programs 178 MF 
2019-05-07  Topological Sorting under Regular Constraints 178 MF 
2019-04-30  Linearity in Higher-Order Recursion Schemes 178 MF 
2019-04-16  Faster k-SAT algorithms using biased-PPSZ 178 MF 
2019-04-09  Selection, Divergence, and Dichotomy 178 MF 
2019-04-02  Parameterized synthesis of sequential transducers from rational relations over finite words 178 MF 
2019-03-26  Reachability for Two-Counter Machines with One Test and One Reset 178 MF 
2019-03-19  A theory of assertions for Dolev-Yao models 178 MF 
2019-03-12  The complexity of mean payoff games using universal graphs 178 MF 
2019-03-05  Betweenness in order-theoretical trees 178 MF 
2019-02-12  Logic and random graphs 178 MF 
2019-02-05  The power of programs over monoids taken from some small varieties of finite monoids 178 MF 
2019-01-29  Ontology-Mediated Query Answering with OWL 2 QL Ontologies: Combined Complexity and Succinctness of Rewritings 178 MF 
2019-01-22  On the Boundedness Problem for Higher-Order Pushdown Vector Addition Systems 178 MF 
2019-01-15  Beyond admissibility: Dominance between chains of strategies 178 MF 
2019-01-08  Unambiguous Register Automata 178 MF