Liste des événements publics pour les groupes

2022-04-05  TBA Online MF 
2022-03-01  Logics with concrete domains: an introduction Online MF 
2022-02-15  Learning Automata and Transducers: A Categorical Approach Salle 178 (Hybride) MF 
2022-01-18  Orbit-finite-dimensional vector spaces, with applications to weighted register automata Online MF 
2021-12-14  Active learning automata with syntactic queries Online MF 
2021-12-07  Extending Reactive Synthesis to Infinite Data Domains through Machines with Registers Salle 178 (Hybride) MF 
2021-11-30  Efficiently Simulating a Sorted Array with Conjunctive Query Answers Salle 178 (Hybride) MF 
2021-11-16  Constructing Deterministic Omega-Automata from Examples by an Extension of the RPNI Algorithm Online MF 
2021-10-19  Concurrent NetKAT: Modeling and analyzing stateful, concurrent networks Online MF 
2021-10-12  Context-bounded verification of liveness properties for multithreaded shared-memory programs Online MF 
2021-09-28  Positive first-order logic on words 178 (hybride) MF 
2021-06-29  Multi-cost Bounded Tradeoff Analysis in MDP Online MF 
2021-06-01  Learning Pomset Automata Online MF 
2021-05-18  Reachability in Vector Addition Systems is Ackermann-complete Online MF 
2021-05-04  Verifying higher-order concurrency with data automata Online MF 
2021-04-27  Cyclotomic Identity Testing and Application Online MF 
2021-04-13  Learning-based LTL synthesis Online MF 
2021-03-30  Register Automata with Extrema Constraints, and an Application to Two-Variable Logic Online MF 
2021-03-23  Shuffles, Operads, and Associahedra in Theoretical Computer Science Online MF 
2021-03-16  Subcubic Certificates for CFL Reachability  Online MF 
2021-03-02  The Complexity of Answering Unions of Conjunctive Queries Online MF 
2021-02-02  Bisimulation Finiteness of Pushdown Systems Is Elementary Online MF