Réunion 4-5/10/07,  LaBRI, Bordeaux


9h30-10h15        Serge Abiteboul: Static analysis of AXML services (slides)

10h15-11h00      Blaise Genest: Control for active trees and decidability for AXML (slides)

11h15-11h45        Pierre Bourhis: View maintenance for active documents (slides)

12h-13h30          déjeuner

13h30-14h          Loïc Helouet: Post-ASAX

14h-17h              discussion


9h30-10h15         Albert Benveniste: Contracts for transaction based Web services orchestrations


10h15-10h45       Bogdan Marinoiu: Surveillance de systemes P2P (slides)

10h45-11h15        Claire David: Data trees and patterns (slides)

11h15-11h45         Vince Barany: Eliminating cardinality- and modulo-counting quantifiers from MSO                                             formulas over countable trees and linear orders

12h-13h30          déjeuner