MOTIVATION: Design techniques that manipulate appearance due to material & lighting at once. Preserve stylistic choices as well as directional and/or spatial appearance variations.
INSPIRATION: Sloan et al. LitSphere and its adaptations in ZBrush, MatCaps. Fleming et al. perceptual experiments on material perception. Hogarth’s book “Dynamic Light and Shade”.
Local Shape Editing at the Compositing Stage
Carlos Jorge Zubiaga Peña, Gael Guennebaud, Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla
EGSR 2016: Proceedings of the Euroographics Symposium on Rendering (EI&I track)
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DynMatCaps MatCap Decomposition for Dynamic Appearance Manipulation
Carlos Jorge Zubiaga, Adolfo Muñoz, Laurent Belcour, Carles Bosch and Pascal Barla
EGSR 2015: Proceedings of  the Euroographics Symposium on Rendering (EI&I track)
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DS2P Dynamic Stylized Shading Primitives,
David Vanderhaeghe, Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla, William Baxter,
NPAR’11: Proc. symposium on Non-Photorealisatic Animation and Rendering
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minimal1 Apparent relief: a shape descriptor for stylized shading,
Romain Vergne, Pascal Barla, Xavier Granier, Christophe Schlick,
Proceedings of the 6th international symposium on Non-photorealistic animation and rendering, 2008
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landscape_aerial4 X-Toon: An extended toon shader,
Pascal Barla; Joëlle Thollot; Lee Markosian,
International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR), 2006
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