MOTIVATION: Understand how motion in 3D induces motion in images (acretions, deletions, compressions, dilations, etc). Useful for stylization purposes, layout enhancement, and probably much more. INSPIRATION: Bousseau et al. work on watercolorisation of videos. Gibson’s book “The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception”.
Specular Motion and 3D Shape Estimation
Dicle N. Dövencioğlu, Ohad Ben-Shahar, Pascal Barla, Katja Doerschner
Journal of Vision 2017, Volume 17, Issue 6
hippo5 Dynamic 2D Patterns for Shading 3D Scenes,
Simon Breslav; Karol Szerszen; Lee Markosian; Pascal Barla; Joëlle Thollot,
ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2007
cezanne_pointillist Dynamic point distribution for stroke-based rendering
David Vanderhaeghe; Pascal Barla; Joëlle Thollot; François X. Sillion
Eurogaphics Symposium on Rendering, Jun 2007