PURPOSE: Provide a small standalone application to quickly get the potential of a technique, without having to get into more involved implementation details.
FEATURES: vector graphics tools and viewers, image warping tools, 2D primitive fitting.
Demo: 2D Primitive fitting
Developper: Nicolas Mellado
Downloads: available as an online webGL demo
Limitations: fit of a short polyline, two types of 2D primitives
Demo: ShwarpIt image warping operator
Developpers: George-Pierre Bonneau, Romain Vergne
Downloads: available as an iOS app
Limitations: global control parameters only
WQVGDemo: Quadratic Vector Graphics viewer
Developper: Simon Boyé
Downloads: available as an online WebGL demo
Limitations: no edition, no curved edges.
Demo: Diffusion Curve drawing tool
Developper: Adrien Bousseau
Downloads: available as a Win32 application
Limitations: no image vectorization.