Here is the list of the bright young people I have been fortunate to work with.

PhD students

Antoine Taveneaux
Université Paris 7, 2010-2013, co-advised by Sophie Laplante
Now working at the French Treasury.
[manuscript (in French)]

Benoit Monin
Université Paris 7, 2011-2014 (co-advised, though not officially, by Noam Greenberg)
Now an assitant professor at Université Paris 12.

Ludovic Patey
Université Paris 7, 2012-2015, co-advised by Hugo Herbelin
Now a CNRS Researcher at Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon.
Ludovic's thesis was awarded the 2nd prize of the Gilles Khan Award of the French Computer Science Society (SIF), the Thiessé de Rosemont / Demassieux prize of the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris, and the Sacks Prize of the Association of Symbolic Logic.

Master students

Damien Desfontaines
UMI JV Poncelet (Moscow), 2014, co-advised by Alexander Shen
Now working at Google Inc Zurich.

Paul-Elliot Anglès d'Auriac
Université de Montpellier, 2016
Now a PhD student at Université Paris 12 under the supersivion of Benoit Monin.