2011-2012 (Université de Paris 7)

In 2011-2012 I taught with Olivier Bournez and Bernadette Charron-Bost the course 2.33.1 of the MPRI Master Program. The course was entitled ''Theory of Computations''.

2008 (Victoria University of Wellington)

  • Lecturer for the course MATH311 (3rd year; groups, rings, fields, etc).
  • TA for the course MATH114 (1st year; discrete mathematics, elementary logic)

2005-2008 (Université de Provence, Marseille)

  • TA for the course Initiation à l'Informatique (1st year; basic UNIX commands, basic shell programing)
  • TA for the course Principes fondamentaux de l'informatique (1st year; basic algebraic structures, boolean algebras, truth tables, boolean circuits)
  • Lecturer for the course Algorithmique (as part of the master program ``Génie Statistique et Informatique'')
  • TA for the course Outils informatiques (2nd year: programming in C, implementation of several useful algorithms for image processing, data compression, error-correcting codes, text editing, etc)
  • TA for the course Complexité (4th year; computational complexity)
  • TA for the course Algorithmique et programmation 2 (2nd year; lists, stacks, trees etc, and their implementation in C)
  • TA for the course Mathématiques pour l'informatique (2nd year; modular artihmetic and applications to cryptography)