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Abstract Categorial Grammars

Abstract Categorial Grammars (ACGs), and λ-grammars have been simultaneuously introduced ten years ago in two papers respectively by Philippe de Groote and Reinhard Muskens. These proposals were made so as to give an elegant modelisation of the interface between syntax and semantics. They ally the view of Richard Montague for the semantic interpretation of natural language to the view of Haskell Curry that distinguishes the tectogrammatics (the deep structure) from the phenogrammatics (the linearization yielding the surface structure). ACGs and λ-grammars implement these ideas by means of very few mathematical primitives. They therefore offer an easy and powerful way of both modeling natural language and exploring the mathematical properties of the interface between syntax and semantics.

This workshop is taking the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the articles about ACGs and λ-grammars so as to gather researchers interested in the topic, review the results obtained in the past decade and draw the lines of the future research.

The workshop is open to everyone interested in ACGs, λ-grammars and related topics, and more broadly to anyone interested in the mathematics of language and natural language semantics.



This workshop has been made possible thanks to the support of LaBRI, the ANR project FREC and INRIA.


Sylvain Salvati (INRIA, Université de Bordeaux, )