Communication et routage

(New November 28th, 2018) Instructions for the student seminar (which will take on December 14) and a list of topics are here.


This course focuses on algorithmic aspects underlying communication and information routing in distributed systems.


The course offers each year two selected topics in the list below. For 2016/2017, the topics are Distributed data structures and routing (1.) and Power and limitations of shared memory systems (4.). The course concludes by a student seminar in which groups of students present a short lecture extending the material presented in class.

  1. Distributed data structures and routing. Nicolas Hanusse/Cyril Gavoille.
  2. Communication algorithms for wireless networks/Graph exploration. Ralf Klasing.
  3. Data streaming algorithms. Olivier Beaumont.
    Suppose that some statistics have to be computed on a large amount of data that does not fit in main memory. This situation may arise for example in databases or in a pre-computing phase of a parallel computation. Data streaming algorithms operated under limited time and memory resources and, as a result of theses constraints often give an approximate answer.
  4. Power and limitations of shared memory systems. Corentin Travers.
    This part of the course studies in a somewhat idealized model shared memory algorithms for some fundamental distributed tasks. Some impossiblity results are also presented.


Courses take place on Friday morning, 9:30-12:20, room TBA, except the first one.  

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