I am a full professor in computer science at the University of Bordeaux. I obtained my Ph.D in computer science in 2000, and my Habilitation in 2009. I do my research in LaBRI, the research laboratory in computer science at the university of Bordeaux. I belong to the research team Combinatorics and Algorithms. I'm interested both in theory and practice of computer science. I do my research in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, with application to malware detection and to image analysis. I'm also very interested in Distributed Algorithms and Systems.
I also enjoy teaching. Currently, I teach data science, machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning to graduate students from the University of Bordeaux.
I'm in charge (with Laurent Simon) of the IA@LaBRI, Artificial Intelligence transversal axis of the LaBRI.

Key words: AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Distributed systems.

Office: 258,
LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux,
351, cours de la Libération,
33405 Talence cedex, FRANCE
(+33) 5 40 00 35 15