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My research is about enumerative, sometimes bijective and analytic, combinatorics - that is, I try to describe and code, then to count (either exactly or asymptotically), discrete objects. The typical tool is the notion of generating function; quite often, I manipulate multivariate generating functions, for which I spend a lot of energy writing, and occationally solving, functional or differential equations.

More recently, I've been interested in probabilistic aspects of combinatorics and algorithms, randomized distributed algorithms, and "small-world" graphs.

Current works in progress include:

I am currently responsible for the Enumerative Combinatorics and Random Generation seminar, held weekly on Fridays. The programme is mostly in French, though some of the abstracts and talks are in English.


Everything with a French title is written in French, and everything with an English title is written in English. Anything with a title in any other language, was definitely not written by me.

See here for a (possibly) up-to-date list.

Teaching (French only)

I've been associate professor at ENSEIRB since the fall of '99. Anything on my personal page there is related to my teaching activities.

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