ANR-14-CE24-0004: National Research Agency young researcher programme.
Representation and manipulation of highly detailed shapes
Started in October 2014, for a period of 48 months
Gael Guennebaud (Researcher)
Pierre Benard (Assistant Professor)
Pascal Barla (Researcher)
Thibaud Lambert (PhD)
Boris Raymond (PhD)


In the context of computer graphics, this project aims to enhance the realism and visual richness of digital images. More precisely, our goal is to design novel representations for the creation, manipulation and efficient rendering of highly detailed 3D objects. First, the focus will be put on the representation of meso-scale geometry to find a lightweight and more controllable alternative to the classical bitmap-based displacement, normal, albedo or bidirectional reflectance textures. Then, we plan to generalize our approach to reproduce the very high-frequency effects produced by some classes of micro-scale geometry (e.g., brushed metals). Such effects are challenging to reproduce as they cannot be explicitly represented but smoothed out by classical material representations. Finally, we also plan to embed multi-scale aspects into our novel representation to enable alias-free rendering from distant viewpoints while avoiding the over-smoothing produced by current approaches.


Multi-Resolution Meshes for Feature-Aware Hardware Tessellation

Multi-Resolution Meshes for Feature-Aware Hardware Tessellation

Dynamic On-Mesh Procedural Generation



  • Instant Transport Maps on 2D Grids

    Georges Nader, Gael Guennebaud Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph Asia 2018).
    [more] [code] [video]
  • A View-Dependent Metric for Patch-Based LOD Generation and Selection

    Thibaud Lambert, Pierre Benard, Gael Guennebaud ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (I3D 2018).
  • Multi-Scale Rendering of Scratched Materials using a Structured SV-BRDF Model

    Boris Raymond, Gael Guennebaud, Pascal Barla Transactions on Graphics (Siggraph 2016).
  • teaser

    Multi-Resolution Meshes for Feature-Aware Hardware Tessellation

    Thibaud Lambert, Pierre Benard, Gael Guennebaud Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2016).
    [pdf] [video] [more]
  • Dynamic On-Mesh Procedural Generation

    Cyprien Buron, Jean-Eudes Marvie, Gael Guennebaud, Xavier Granier. Graphics Interface (GI 2015).