Teaching Page

I'm teaching at the IPB (Bordeaux Institute of Technology) in the Computer Science department called "Enseirb-Matmeca". You will find in this pages informations for students (projects, slides, exercises), and general information for non students.

Current lectures

Soon (yes, really!). You can also try to log in to get some special informations.

Previous lectures My teacher's life before Bordeaux

Before giving lectures at the IPB, I was teaching at Paris South University:

  • Introduction to A.I. for the Licence/Master
  • Introduction to Algorithms / C Programming
  • Operating Systems, Computer architecture, Networks, Unix Systems, Languages and Data structures and Artificial Intelligence
  • Operating Systems, C projects , Imperative Programming Approach
  • Computer architecture, Operating Systems
  • Languages and Data structures, Imperative Programming Approach
  • Languages and Data structures, Functional Programming Approach
  • (before 1998): Office (Windows, Excel, Word...) Tools and Pascal Programming