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28 November 2016 - Thesis Subjects 2017
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2017: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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27 Juin 2017 - SAT-based Bounded Model Checking for 3-Valued Abstractions  (Stefan GRUNER - 11h00 - 178)

30 Juin 2017 - Un nouveau lien entre l?alg?bre de descentes du groupe hyperocta?dral, les tableaux de dominos et les fonctions quasisym?triques de Chow.  (Alina Mayorova - 10h45 - 076)

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15 juin 2017 - Le projet européen opencare se réunit au LaBRI du 26 au 28 juin 2017

Le projet Horizon 2020 opencare, porté par Guy Melançon, se réunit au LaBRI du 26 au 28 juin, et l'équipe du projet organise deux journées d'activités ouvertes à tous (salle 076) :

- Le 27 juin est une journée dédiée à l'analyse de réseaux appliquée à la plateforme du projet, avec l'organisation d'une session Masters of Networks. Venez découvrir GraphRyder, l'outil développé dans le cadre du projet par l'équipe du LaBRI.
- Le 28 juin est une journée dédiée à l'interaction santé - innovation.
Le matin seront présentés les prototypes développés pour le projet au sein du fablab WeMake et notre collègue Anke Brock nous présentera également ses travaux.
L'après-midi, venez écouter au Haut-Carré l'équipe du projet opencare dans le cadre de l'Innovation Day pour une santé soutenable. Cette journée s'inscrit dans la semaine internationale pour l'innovation Week 26 , organisée par l'Université de Bordeaux.
Venez nombreux et curieux !

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09 June 2017 - The Prologin association in Bordeaux!

For the fourth consecutive year, the Prologin association is organising « Girls Can code ! » sessions, of which one will take place at the LaBRI from 10 to 15 July.
This session, open to college and high school students not doing their BAC in this school year end, is free (meals provided by the association), and is inspired by the objective of equality in computing.
For five days, the participants will discover some important fields of computing and improve their skills in programming. All of this, in a relaxed and playful environment, punctuated by little lectures and presentation of careers and studies in computing.
The dates of the sessions are as follows:
* Bordeaux : 10-15 July 2017
* Lyons : 21-26 August 2017
* Paris : 21-26 August 2017

For enrolment information, see here until 26 June for Bordeaux and until 10 July for Lyons and Paris.


02 June 2017 - Blockchain : A disruptive technology?

Mathieu Raffinot, head of the Cobalt theme, in the MABioVis team, will participate in a round table "Blockchain and public aid for development", organised in Paris, on 8 June, at the ministerial conference centre.
A blockchain is a certification system within a peer to peer network,without a central authority. It is a very promising cryptograhic tool which has notably allowed the development of cryptocoins such as the BitCoin which has existed now for eight years.
Seminar programme here.


01 June 2017 - Thomas Place becomes a member of the IUF

Last April the minister of national education and research, named new junior members of the IUF (Institut universitaire de France), among whom was Thomas Place (MF team).
The IUF's mission de l’IUF is to favour the development of high level research in the universities and to reinforce interdisciplinarity. Its members are selected by an international jury.
This implies for Thomas Place being placed for five years, in a position of dedtachment, and particularly being relieved of two thirds of his teaching responsibility, while continuing to exercise his activity in the University of Bordeaux.


15 May 2017 - RoboCup German Open 2017, 5 to 7 May

Rhoban, has confirmed its position of champion, by winning the German Open, in the Kid-Size league, ahead of three German teams (Berlin, Ostfalia and Hamburg).


11 May 2017 - Robot Makers’ Day

The Auitaine meeting of robotics and cobotics will take place again this year at Enseirb-Matmeca on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May.
Among the various exhibitors, will be, notably, Rhoban, a LaBRI creation, once more present in this event.

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02 May 2017 - Festival Pint of Science : Drones: Promising Flying Objects!

The Pint of Science Festival will be held on the evenings of 15 to 17 May 2017, In more than 30 French cities, with a total of 250 events taking place in pubs.
As part of it on 17 May, from 7pm, there will be a debate about drones, co-presented by Serge Chaumette – LaBRI Progress team - who will speak, among other things, about the evolution of these machines, "From photographer pigeons to swarms of autonomous bio-inspired micro-drones ".
Places being limited, reservation and a participation towards the organisation of 2 euros, is required. See here.


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