Most of my research activities concern the algorithmic side of game theory and its applications in computer science. At the moment, I am particularly interested in stochastic games with partial observation and I am working on problems like the decidability of distributed games, games with a parametric number of players or cooperation and competition in bridge. I am also interested in various topics including social choice theory and practice, precision farming, logics for handling probabilities and controlling humanoïd robots with MDPs.

Currently, PhD advisor of Soumyajit Paul (with Olivier Ly and Srivathsan Balagaru) and PhD co-advisor of Simon Mauras (with Claire Mathieu). Formerly, PhD advisor of Edon Kelmendi (with François Dufour), Quentin Rouxel (with Olivier Ly) and Ludovic Hofer (with Olivier Ly). Formerly, PhD advisor of Youssouf Oualhadj (with Anca Muscholl).

Other Activities



Copies on request.

PhD thesis

I used to be a PhD student under the supervision of Wiesław Zielonka.
If you can read french and if you are interested in game theory, then have a look at my PhD thesis:


I enjoy coding for solving real-life problems, with impact.



My CV is available here.

About quantitative (as opposed to qualitative) evaluation of research

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) .
Two convincing critics of evaluation of publications and researchers using metrics.
A technical one, in french, written by INRIA computer scientists.
Another one, "The Mismeasurement of Science" less technical and more acid, written by a Cambridge biologist.
The mitigated opinion of the french academy of science.

My ha-index: 84

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