[M2F] "Reduction of Discrete Dynamical Systems over Monoids" - Georgios Argyris (DTU Copenhagen)

Discrete-time Dynamical Systems (DS) are a popular framework for modeling biological processes. However, the increasing number of DS’s variables hampers the analysis of the underlying biological process. We propose a technique called Forward Bisimulation (FB) for reduction of discrete-time DSs. The presentation consists of 3 parts: (i) We will explain the Boolean Network (BN), its utility on the modeling of a real biological system, and how reduction can facilitate the analysis. (ii) We will very briefly provide a mini review of the existing methods in the case of Boolean Network reduction. (iii) BNs are essentially discrete-time DSs whose variables take valuations in the Boolean Domain B. In this last part, we will reduce a BN with FB over the monoid (B,\/), and we will generalize the theory to some arbitrary DSs over monoids.

LaBRI, 178