** A Regular and Complete Notion of Delay for Streaming String Transducers ** The notion of delay between finite transducers is a core element of

We revisit the problem of entity resolution and propose a novel, logical framework, LACE, which mixes declarative and procedural elements to achieve a

We present probabilistic dynamic I/O automata, a framework to model dynamic probabilistic systems. Our work extends dynamic I/O Automata formalism of

Dans le cadre du GT Combinatoire et Interactions, Torsten Mütze donnera un séminaire (sur Zoom) intitulé : “Efficient generation of elimination trees
Title: Building atlases to benchmark transcriptomics studies

We define a method that takes advantage of structural reductions to accelerate the verification of reachability problems. We prove the correctness of

This talk presents the work I did during my thesis, which I completed in March. Petri nets are a classic formal model for concurrent systems

A sublinear-time quantum algorithm for approximating partition functions Gibbs partition functions are ubiquitous in statistical physics and in

Oblivious Transfer from Zero-Knowledge Proofs, or How to Achieve Round-Optimal Quantum Oblivious Transfer and Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Quantum States