Graphs Theory and Optimisation (link to the group home page)
Contact : F.Kardoš.

Graph Theory is a powerful tool for studying complex combinatorial structures. Our research aims at developing several aspects of Graph Theory together with their applications, especially in the area of communications in networks.

We are interested in classical Graph Theory problems, in their recent developments, and proposenew research directions. Our experience mainly concerns hamiltonicity, coloring problems and the study of graph parameters. For instance, the notion of oriented colorings has been introduced and developped in LaBRI and is now widely studied by researchers in Graph Theory. Our research also concerns the study of some graph parameters, for general graphs or well-structured graphs (planar graphs, graphs with bounded treewidth, ...), compact routing schemes, distance labeling, algorithms for communications in networks, graph coding, games on graphs.

Our activity leads to many publications in referenced international journals and conferences and we are involved in several international projects. Our research group is for instance involved in three national projects ANR (Aladdin - 2007-2011, Alpage - 2006-2009, Idea - 2009-2011), in a bilateral project CNRS/NSC with Sun Yat-Sen University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and in a bilateral project FitScience with Israel (see the Project page).

Let us also mention that André Raspaud is the coordinator of the Working Group GRAPHES of the national GDR Informatique Mathématique.

Finally, several people from our group are involved in joint research projects REALOPT (Reformulations based algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization, INRIA-IMB-LaBRI) and CEPAGE (INRIA-LaBRI).

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