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LaBRI: Cooperations

National cooperations

The MIB (*Materials and systems Institute of Bordeaux*) is one of the first 20 French joint research organisms to have received the "Carnot label" from the MNRT (Research and New Technology under Ministry). This "label" recognises quality and professionalism in joint research in the domain of materials and systems. The consortium includes 11 laboratories including the LaBRI and specifically the modelling, simulation, graphs and virtual reality themes. Its principal objectives are to meet the technological needs of industry (large, medium and small companies) by means of projects, and to contribute to the restructuring of joint research and the development of scientific resources.

LaBRI researchers collaborate actively with other laboratories and industry either through institutional networks, generally arising from research grants, or directly.

LaBRI researchers participate also in national research groups (GDR)such as ARP (Architecture, Networks and Parallelism), ALP (Algorithms, Language and Programming), I3 (Information, Interaction, Intelligence) and Génolevures, and many projects have been successful in national research grant applications.

The LaBRI also maintains regular relations with the computing research teams of the Aquitaine region and the wider South-West: Bayonne, La Rochelle, Limoges, Poitiers and Pau.

International cooperations


The quality of the research carried out at the LaBRI and its size make it visible and attractive for possible institutional or industrial, regional, national or European partners. Thus the LaBRI has hosted more than 70 foreign researchers in the last four years and has been significantly involved in many European projects and international research programs:

The world

LaBRI researchers collaborate actively with other laboratories and with industry either in institutional networks often resulting from research grants or directly:

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