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Publications de l'équipe Supports et AlgoriThmes pour les Applications Numériques hAutes performanceS pour l'année 2006

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  1. L. Burgy, C. Consel, F. Latry, N. Palix, and L. Réveillère. Dispositif d'interconnexion d'un système d'informations d'entreprise(s) à un serveur. patent n<sup>o</sup> 06291276.1, 2006.
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  3. N. Furmento, G. Mercier, R. Namyst, and A. Denis. Aci grid'5000, site de bordeaux. In PaRISTIC : Panorama des Recherches Incitatives en STIC, 2006.
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  5. W. Jouve, J. Lancia, C. Consel, and C. Pu. A multimedia-specific approach to ws-agreement. In European Conference on Web Services, 2006.
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  7. F. Latry, J. Mercadal, and C. Consel. Processing domain-specific modeling languages: A case study in telephony services. In Generative Programming and Component Engineering for QoS Provisioning in Distributed Systems, 2006.
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  9. S. Bhatia, C. Consel, and J. Lawall. Memory-manager/scheduler co-design: Optimizing event-driven programs to improve cache behavior. In International Symposium on Memory Management, 2006.
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