Coming to the LaBRI

Postal address: 351, cours de la Libération F-33405 Talence cedex (see map)

More precisely, the LaBRI is located:
- On Talence campus site, building A30 in the middle of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bordeaux, near the pond.
- The entrance door is at the farthest corner, at the north end of the building.

- An intercom on the first floor, to the right of the building's entrance, allows to call one's correspondent.
- The laboratory reception is on the second floor (door 167), by taking the stairs from the first floor, to the left of the building entrance.


How to get to the LaBRI

By cab

Ask for the University of Bordeaux, 351, cours de la Libération, Bât A30, Talence

From the train station

  • By streetcar: Tram C (direction Les aubiers), change at Quinconces. Then Tram B (direction Pessac center), stop at Peixotto.
  • By bus and streetcar: Bus Liane 9 (direction Brandenburg), stop: Barrière Saint-Genès. Then Tram B (direction Pessac center), stop: Peixotto.
  • By bus: Liane 10 (direction Beausoleil), stop: Peixotto.

From another place or with a time constraint: look for your itinerary


From the airport

  • By bus and streetcar: Bus Liane 1, stop: Lycée de Mérignac. Then Tram A (direction La Gardette - Bassens - Carbon-Blanc), stop: Hôtel de ville. Then Tram B (direction Pessac center), stop: Peixotto.


  • The airport shuttle, stop: Gambetta. Then Tram B (direction Pessac), stop Peixotto. It's a little easier but significantly more expensive.


By car

The free access to the university (without badges) is done on two entrances:
* cours de la Libération (main entrance to the university) or
* Pierre Noailles street

  • By the ring road: exit: Talence-Domaine Universitaire. Take the direction of Bordeaux.
  • If you are in the city center, you must find the Place de la Victoire. From there, the Domaine Universitaire de Talence is indicated. And once in the right direction, it's straight ahead.