Predicting cell behavior with Boolean modeling
7.0 version (code name "Sankara") of the SCOTCH + PT-SCOTCH software package has been released. It is a major release, the result of six years of
Kévin Reby, I&S department (TAD team), will submit his thesis entitled: "Automatic recognition of pain from body posture by deep learning".
The study of dynamic networks has gained increasingly more interest over recent years, motivated mainly by emerging technological contexts like
Jonathan Narboni, CombAlgo department (Graphs and Optimization team), will submit his thesis entitled: "Coloring and recoloring of graphs”
Here are some of the good practices for the LaBRI concerning IT support services Requests for assignment of Materials Arrival of staff Fill in FASCIL
One of the key issues in processing massive and heterogeneous data is to understand them in order to be able to extract new knowledge or verify a
Manh Tu Vu (PhD student in the I&S department, TAD team) will submit his thesis entitled: "Deep learning for automatic evaluation of facial
Antoine Billy defend his thesis: Multimodal 3D+ imagery for drone: application to the evaluation of the phytosanitary state of the vines
Pierre-Etienne Martin defend his thesis : « Fine detection and classification of actions from videos by neural networks with spatio-temporal