The research carried out at the LaBRI covers all areas of computer science: Algorithms, Architecture, Computation, Combinatorics, Complexity, Data, Graphs, Images, Artificial Intelligence, Interaction, Language, Logic, Software, Proof, Parallelism, Distribution, Networking, Robotics, Security, Simulation, Sound, System, Vision, Visualisation, etc. The work is carried out at both the fundamental and applied levels with privileged fields of application such as health, engineering and societal systems.
The LaBRI is structured into 14 research teams grouped into 5 departments. Scientific leadership is centred at the team level. The departments are responsible for the organisation and arbitration of resources. The departments are organised as follows:

The LaBRI supports axes that emphasise transversal scientific fields in which several LaBRI researchers are actively collaborating. The list of labelled and developing axes is as follows: