Supports and Algorithms for High-Performance Digital Applications (SATANAS)

Team leader : Pierre Ramet

The Satanas team aims to contribute to the efficient realisation of frontier simulations resulting from challenging academic and industrial research. Solving these problems requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving applied mathematics, scientific computation and computer science. In order to have a real impact on scientific progress and advances, the team is developing skills in various aspects:

  • the efficient management of the massive number of computing nodes, using programming paradigms with a high level of expressiveness, and exploiting high-performance communication layers ;
  • the adequate management of intensive input-output;
  • Sophisticated mechanisms for scheduling computation on platforms with a large number of computing units and massive input-output volumes;
  • innovative numerical methods for analysing the volumes of data produced;
  • high-performance algorithms that can be integrated into applications representing recognised scientific challenges with high societal and economic impacts.

This research is carried out in close collaboration with European and American initiatives, in particular within the framework of European H2020 and Euro-HPC collaborative projects.

Themes of the team :

High Performance Runtime Systems

Manager  : Olivier Aumage
Joint project-teams : STORM & TADAAM

As emphasized by initiatives such as the European Exascale Software Initiative (EESI), the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC), or the International Exascale Software Initiative (IESP), the HPC community needs new programming APIs and languages for expressing heterogeneous massive parallelism in a way that provides an abstraction of the system architecture and promotes high performance and efficiency. The same conclusion holds for mobile, embedded applications that require performance on heterogeneous systems.

This team — dedicated to the high performance computing (HPC) domain — focuses on the study and design of the principles, as well as the development and the evaluation of the mechanisms at the heart of HPC programming tools. Such tools aim at efficiently exploiting the hardware technologies integrated in current and future supercomputers.

The team is organized along two projects:

Project STORM, Static Optimizations and Runtime Methods. Team STORM combines strengths on high level DSLs, heterogeneous runtimes and performance analysis tools to help programmers get the highest efficiency from modern computer architectures in a portable manner.

Project TADAAM, Topology-aware system-scale data management for high-performance computing. The goal of the TADaaM project is to design and build a stateful system-wide service layer for data management in HPC systems. This layer will be twofold. First, it will abstract low level features of the system, (e.g. topology, network, resource), and the software stack, (e.g. threads, data). Second, applications will be able to register their needs and behavior thanks to a carefully designed API. With these two sets of information, the layer will optimize the execution of all
the running applications in a coordinate fashion and at system-scale.


High Performance Algorithms and Applications

Manager : Abdou GUERMOUCHE
Joint project-team: HIEPACS

Contribute to the design and development of robust and high-performance simulation tools for hybrid and manycore architectures with exaflopic power by 2020; analyse and solve problems in computational science arising from complex academic or industrial 3D applications requiring parallel algorithms that go to scale.

To develop and implement high-performance algorithms for dense and hollow linear algebra and for the calculation of N-body interactions;
To efficiently implement multi-physical and multi-scale simulations;
Efficiently couple parallel simulation codes.

At Inria, the heads of the EPCs :

  • HiePACS : Luc Giraud
  • STORM: Olivier Aumage
  • TADaaM: Emmanuel Jeannot

Annuaire liste
ID Name Email Phone Office Status Team Function
Aumage_ID1084917612 Aumage Olivier olivier.aumage[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 19 INRIA CR SEHP Responsable Equipe Supports Exécutifs Haute Performance (Dpt SATANAS) / Responsable équipe STORM
Beaumont_ID1084917620 Beaumont Olivier olivier.beaumont[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 IMB DR AAHP Délégué Scientifique INRIA
Coulaud_ID1084917657 Coulaud Olivier olivier.coulaud[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 80 INRIA DR AAHP
Counilh_ID1084917658 Counilh Marie-Christine marie-christine.counilh[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 97 INRIA MdC SEHP Resp. du tutorat Licence Informatique.
Esnard_ID1084917687 Esnard Aurelien aurelien.esnard[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 08 INRIA MdC AAHP Resp. C2I, correspondant université, correspondant com/web
Mercier_ID1084917747 Mercier Guillaume guillaume.mercier[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 00 INRIA MdC SEHP
Namyst_ID1084917756 Namyst Raymond raymond.namyst[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 34 INRIA Pr SEHP Responsable du thème Supports Exécutifs Haute Performance. Directeur adj. UF Info. Responsable de la spécialité CISD au sein du Master Informatique
Pellegrini_ID1084917767 Pellegrini Francois francois.pellegrini[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 INRIA Pr SEHP Resp. du Thème Outils pour les Algorithmes Numériques.
Wacrenier_ID1084917815 Wacrenier Pierre-Andre pierre-andre.wacrenier[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 99 INRIA MdC SEHP Resp. Licence 3 informatique
Denis_ID1094543910 Denis Alexandre alexandre.denis[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 14 INRIA CR SEHP
Thibault_ID1094543913 Thibault Samuel samuel.thibault[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 INRIA Pr SEHP Coordination UE à grands effectifs licence Informatique. Co-responsable de la licence pro ADSILLH
Furmento_ID1107246159 Furmento Nathalie nathalie.furmento[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 38 76 260 - INRIA IR SEHP Responsable de la commission utilisateurs de PlaFRIM/DiHPES
Guermouche_ID1125992598 Guermouche Abdou abdou.guermouche[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 03 INRIA MdC AAHP Responsable Equipe Algorithmes et Applications Hautes Performances
Goglin_ID1159516905 Goglin Brice brice.goglin[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 91 INRIA CR SEHP Responsable adjoint du Département SATANAS
Eyraud-dubois_ID1188202150 Eyraud-dubois Lionel lionel.eyraud-dubois[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 INRIA CR AAHP
Jeannot_ID1252055655 Jeannot Emmanuel emmanuel.jeannot[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 93 INRIA DR SEHP
Agullo_ID1262701080 Agullo Emmanuel +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 INRIA CR AAHP Correspondant de la commission
Ramet_ID1288949507 Ramet Pierre pierre.ramet[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 INRIA MdC AAHP Responsable du Département SATANAS
Giraud_ID1308216243 Giraud Luc luc.giraud[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 41 10 INRIA DR AAHP
Faverge_ID1364224327 Faverge Mathieu mathieu.faverge[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 Inria B225 -Enseirb-Matmeca P238 MdC AAHP Responsable des Projets à finalité entreprise du département informatique de l'ENSEIRB-MATMECA
Saillard_ID1373277098 Saillard Emmanuelle emmanuelle.saillard[at] +33 (0)5 24 57 40 00 0 CR SEHP
PALLEZ-AUPY_ID1484314310 PALLEZ-AUPY Guillaume guillaume.aupy[at] +33 (0)9 99 99 99 99 INRIA CR SEHP
Serpette_ID1490946812 Serpette Bernard bernard.serpette[at] +33 (0)5 40 00 INRIA CR
Zanon-boito_ID1567497360 Zanon-boito Francieli francieli.zanon-boito[at] +33 (0)5 40 00 37 93 252 MdC SEHP
Lima-pilla_ID1611737011 Lima-pilla Laercio laercio.lima-pilla[at] +33 (0)5 40 00 38 76 260 CR SEHP
Verdon_ID1634129550 Verdon Elia elia.verdon[at] +33 (0)5 40 00 69 00 CERCCLE Doct SEHP
Peressoni_ID1656427103 Peressoni Romain romain.peressoni[at] +33 (0)9 99 99 99 99 INRIA Doct AAHP
Guermouche_ID1658758392 Guermouche Amina amina.guermouche[at] +33 (0)9 99 99 99 99 INRIA MdC SEHP
Bandet_ID1664886003 Bandet Alexis alexis.bandet[at] +33 (0)9 99 99 99 99 0 Doct SEHP
Orhan_ID1666699377 Orhan Diane diane.orhan[at] +33 (0)9 99 99 99 99 INRIA Doct SEHP
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