The SCRIME has just been labeled as a Platform of the University of Bordeaux.
The Chair of Mobility and Intelligent Transport, headed by Mohamed Mosbah, has just won the "Research and Innovation 2021" prize from the Bordeaux
The revolution linked to artificial intelligence in image, video and sound processing has greatly modified the techniques developed within our team
The NUMERICS seminar, a transdisciplinary seminar on scientific culture and the societal challenges of digital technology, will take place in the
This session, organized at the LaBRI by Societal Issues Commission and the University of Bordeaux, is open to all.
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Department leader : Jean-Rémy FALLERI Co-leader : Raluca URICARU Digital methods and tools are becoming increasingly important in modern society, with
Pierre-Etienne Martin defend his thesis : « Fine detection and classification of actions from videos by neural networks with spatio-temporal
The analysis, processing and modeling of health data are currently at the heart of a major revolution with the need to propose new digital approaches
Korlan Rysbayeva will present her thesis entitled: "Deep metric learning and classification of hierarchical and multimodal data: application to soil