The Interaction group We are exploring new approaches for the interaction between users and digital worlds, in particular 3D. This involves the design
Even though the Tulip project is getting a bit old, but is still very active, Tulip has just received a few awards from SourceForge.
The LaBRI has numerous structuring collaborative projects, some of which cover several scientific themes (this is notably the case for collaborations
Pierre Dragicevic will defend his HDR entitled: "Small Data – Visualizing Simple Datasets for Communication and Decision Making".
Team leader : Pierre Ramet The Satanas team aims to contribute to the efficient realisation of frontier simulations resulting from challenging
Leading software : JBotSim . It is a simulation platform under free licence (LGPL) developed in Java, allowing the validation of distributed
General presentation The "Modelling and Verification" axis is concerned with the modelling, verification and testing of complex IT systems. They
In the context of large national projects on the theme of AI (in the broad sense), the article gives a quick overview of the research undertaken at
The Graduate Program Numerics invites you to its seminar on societal issues & scientific culture related to digital technology. Second session
Thinhinane Yebda will submit her thesis entitled: "Recognition of risk situations in the daily life of frail people. Epidemiological analysis and